East Cobb Active Release
Dr. Donna Sands Annicelli

Chiropractic Care, Active Release Techniques®, Massage Therapy

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 Dr. Sands Annicelli is not the typical chiropractor. She does more than just adjust the spine;
 she treats the body as a whole.  She addresses soft tissue dysfunction as well as joint
 dysfunction in  order to thoroughly assess and manage your condition.   

Dr. Sands Annicelli has been treating soft tissue conditions since 1996, and has been a practicing Chiropractor since 2002.  She has had years of experience treating a wide range of patients including athletes of all levels (from beginners to competitive ironman triathletes), pregnant women, and children.  She has been an on site provider at multiple ironman competitions, as well as a referral source for numerous running clubs, tri-clubs, gyms and yoga studios.  


By utilizing a variety of techniques, including Active Release TechniqueGraston techniquechiropractic mobilization/manipulation, and massage therapy, treatment is streamlined and results are seen quickly.

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